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Colleen Paparelli

The Pâtisserie
One of the benefits of having your own business is to involve your children as much as possible in the business.

About the Entrepreneur

Founded almost 50 years ago, The Pâtisserie is one of Hawaii’s largest and oldest bakeries. In 2004, Colleen and Bob Paparelli purchased the bakery and continue the legacy of bringing European style breads, cakes and pastries to Hawaii’s most distinguished restaurants, hotels and grocery stores.

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What is The Pâtisserie?

We are Hawaii's "undercover bakery." We bake pastries, bread, donuts, pies, and cakes for many of Hawaii's restaurants, hotels, and convenience stores. We are also a co-manufacturer for other bakeries that have products that they want to produce but can’t maintain all the requirements of the food safety standards. This gives them the flexibility of selling their product and we can produce it for them. So it’s a really good match for both companies. We don't have retail locations anymore, but you can always call and place an order and pick it up right here at our Pearl City facility.

What is the most important quality for couples who own a business together to have?

I think the number one quality is to stay in agreement. You have to be in unity. You also have to forgive a lot. That goes a long way.

How do you promote your business?

One of the ways I love promoting our business is by doing expos. I do bridal expos, I do the Hawaii Manufacturing Expos, and we also like to send out fun, colorful flyers.

What should an entrepreneur look for in a bank?

One of the most important qualities for a bank institution is having stability in their employees. It’s been wonderful with Hawaii National Bank that we’ve dealt with the same person for years. We don’t have to start over and explain what our company is, where we’re going, what our vision is; they know, they’re with us in the process and make things smooth and easy for us.

What is the best part about working with Hawaii National Bank?

The thing I love most is that they’re a family-owned local bank and they really specialize in meeting your needs and walking the road with you and being a part of your business with you.
The most important quality an entrepreneur needs is perseverance – that goes a long way.
Colleen Paparelli
The Pâtisserie

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