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Lia Young Hunt

One of the most important parts about a family business is honoring where you came from. That means accepting your family for the people they are, and problem-solving with kindness and good intentions first.

About the Entrepreneur

Lia Young Hunt has been a part of Goldwings Supply Service, Inc. since her father founded the company over 30 years ago. Since its inception, Goldwings has diversified from being an aircraft parts supply house to providing airfield lighting and equipment, ground support, pavement and solar products.
After majoring in Marketing and playing volleyball at Santa Clara University, Lia attended aviation mechanics school, received her pilot’s license and served in the Air National Guard. She then joined the Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP) and toured for a few years before coming home to work (and eventually take the helm) at Goldwings Supply. Lia recently founded Solarcology, a division of Goldwings which offers self-contained solar lighting units for the military, the Department of Transportation, and various private organizations.

More with Lia

How did you start working in Goldwings Supply?

My first memories with Goldwings Supply were when I was a young child. My dad would bring home huge bags of hardware and my sister and I would actually count parts. The business was a big brother for us. We were always a part of the business, always down at the airport, on the airfield. I’ve known some of our customers for 30 years. From working the parts room, to accounting, to cleanup crew, sweeping, I’ve done it all. I have tremendous passion for what I do.

Do you have any advice for women working in a male-dominated industry?

98% of my customers are male. I work with commanders, airport operating chiefs, engineers. It’s an interesting place to be, but I like it. My advice would be to listen and be patient. Remember that men and women just think differently. Especially as a Virgo, I have to tell myself to be patient and truly listen to what they’re saying before I pose questions.

What do you love about working with Hawaii National Bank?

We started with Hawaii National Bank back in 1987. Their tagline “Warm-hearted bankers” really strikes home because they’ve been with us all this time, especially when those banks folded after 9/11. I was never worried about HNB having those challenges because they’re family-owned; they take care of your money as if it’s theirs. They understand the dynamics of a family-owned business and so our relationship sets them apart from other banks. I’m very thankful for Hawaii National Bank.
I truly believe that once you start building those connections and they are authentic, you will be successful.
Lia Young Hunt

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