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Rima Braden

We try to assist people in any way we can. It's rare that you can go into business and talk to the owner of a company about your car needs.

About the Entrepreneur

Owner Rima Braden has always loved automobile design and often drew cars as a child for fun. At just 25 years old, he opened his first dealership, Executive Auto, and seven years later in 2011 launched Autosource in a small warehouse on Kona Street. The company has grown steadily into a full-service pre-owned dealership with more than 300 cars on a two-acre property fronting Ala Moana Boulevard. Its two air-conditioned showrooms, repair facility and large staff provide a unique alternative to a traditional car buying experience. Most recently, their innovative leasing concept, Carousel, offers a flexible way to lease and change cars frequently.
On both sides of his business, Braden remains committed to delivering executive-level customer service while directing Autosource customers to the best options within their price range, so everyone can fall in love with the car of their choice.

More with Rima

Tell us a little about your business and how it serves the community.

I think what's unique about Autosource is that when we sit with customers, we actually do try to find a way to assist them in some way. When you don't need financing, and if you don’t have credit challenges or any of those concerns, it's really easy to buy a car. But there's a whole group of people that are not familiar with the process or they just don't have any of the requirements to buy a car without being taken advantage of. If someone has some challenges, we'll listen and try to come up with a workaround.

How did you come to bank with Hawaii National Bank?

It was initially a referral introduction. They were one of the banks interested in working with us on the expansion of our Carousel concept. They were probably the most interested and intrigued with our idea, and they wanted to help a local small business grow. We appreciated that.

What do you enjoy most about banking with Hawaii National Bank?

They're a bank that adapts and learns. Hawaii National is definitely flexible. They start by learning about your business, and then they add to or contribute to your business with some new ideas. They're partners.

What excites you about being an entrepreneur?

I'm a pretty positive guy. When I wake up in the morning, it's usually just fresh ideas. I really like the idea of being an entrepreneur because everything ends with me, right? So if I have a dumb idea and it turns out dumb, then it's fine. If it turns out amazing, then everyone celebrates and they celebrate the idea. What I like about having a business like this, beyond the fact that it has the potential to grow, is all the creativity, all the dumb little ideas and all the great ideas and everything in between.

What’s next for Autosource?

I'm most excited about Autosource expanding. And with Carousel, we actually are looking at a huge new location. We're also expanding to other areas where Carousel applies, such as the rental side. Hawaii National Bank's appetite for that seems to be right in line with ours.
Hawaii National Bank starts by learning about your business, and then they add to or contribute to your business with some new ideas. They're partners.
Rima Braden

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