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Candace & Jon Nakasone

Aloha Personal Training
We work with what you have. Whether it’s filling up empty laundry detergent bottles with water to make a kettlebell, or it’s using your bed as a bench, we find ways to make it work.

About the Entrepreneur

Aloha Personal Training was founded in 2018 by certified personal trainers Candace and Jon Nakasone. By focusing on natural movements that can be incorporated every day, Aloha Personal Training seeks to promote a sustainable fitness lifestyle that is tailored to the individual’s needs and goals. APT’s customized offerings include personal training, partner training, small group training, and now virtual training.

More with Candace & Jon

What was the biggest challenge in starting Aloha Personal Training?

Jon: One of the most confusing things for us was taxes. We didn’t know what we could and couldn't write off so we hired a CPA, to get everything all clear. If I were to give advice on starting a business, I’d say have a CPA, a good attorney, a great bank, and friends and family who are willing to help and support you along the way.

Any unexpected surprises to have come out of COVID-19?

Jon: Fear. The fear of going back to a big gym. I think people have that, so they come to a small gym like us. Or even group classes, for that matter. We have a 1,000 sq foot facility with less than 4 people there at a given time. I think the comfort of knowing you’re minimally exposed comforts people.
Candace: One great thing that came out of COVID is that we’ve always talked about doing online, virtual training. In March and April when we were completely shut down, we were forced into it. It opened doors to revisit clients who moved away. Jon started training his clients who moved to Germany, which was awesome, we miss them. I started training my client who moved to L.A., who I missed as well. It was really good to kindle that friendship again.

What advice would you give to couples working together?

Candace: Working together as a married couple, we definitely need compromise. We know our strengths and our weaknesses and we know when to back off and let the other person take control.
Jon: Never get into an argument after a 15-hour workday.

How did you choose to partner with Hawaii National Bank?

Candace: We chose to go with Hawaii National Bank not only because they gave us a great rate but because they are very family-oriented. The Hawaii Kai branch employees always greet us by our first names, and ask us how our business is doing so we know they do care a lot about us.
Without stress, you can’t have growth. We like to tell our clients to embrace the pain.
Jon Nakasone
Aloha Personal Training

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