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Valenti Print Group (VPG)

The best way to handle a complaint from a customer is to handle it immediately. You want to make sure that they know you care. Whatever their problem is, you want to respond right away and see if you can solve it.
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Debi Halcro has been president of Valenti Print Group, one of the largest printers in the State of Hawaii, for over a decade. She took the helm during some of the most challenging days of the company's 34 year history (following the sudden loss of its founder and then its president within a three year period). Today, Valenti Print Group is thriving and continually investing in technology and their employees to keep them at the top of the print industry.

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What is the most important quality to have as an entrepreneur?

I think a big key in being a successful entrepreneur is that you have to be passionate about whatever you choose to go into. You have to really love it. Then the other thing that's important is hiring the right people. Your people are your business. As long as you are surrounded by the right people, you’ll be just fine.

How do you make your customers ambassadors of your brand?

The secret to making your customers your ambassadors is build a good relationship. Find the solutions to what they want, take care of them, deliver on time. Word of mouth is our best way that we get new customers. It's all referral.

How do you promote your business?

The way that we promote our business is through our customers. Word of mouth and referral work best for us. We do a lot of networking events and community service, as well.

What should an entrepreneur look for in a bank?

You need to find a bank who is flexible and willing to listen to you. They should come meet with your staff, know what your business is, understand your passion, and learn the trends in your business. They shouldn't just focus on the numbers; they should find out more about the whole business and what it means to you moving forward.

What do you love best about banking with Hawaii National Bank?

Hawaii National Bank is people-oriented. They take the time to come and meet with you, to find out about your business. Our banker, Gary, is awesome. He'll talk to me about what's going on in our industry. If we need a loan, he really goes to bat for us and knows we're going to be successful.

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