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My advice to young entrepreneurs? Be flexible. Things change throughout the day that you don’t plan for. Work hard and be passionate about what you do. Also, find a good lawyer, CPA and banker.

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Ashlee and Shelton Higa started SAH, Inc., a full-service general and plumbing construction company, in 2009. SAH, Inc. is a sought-after contractor for residential, commercial and industrial properties across Oahu.

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What advice would you give to a married couple starting a business together?

Ashlee: Try not to bring work home. It’s hard to keep it separate because you’re always together, but it’s important for the relationship to keep 'work' work and 'home' home.

Shelton: A business is like a marriage. You have to put a lot of time and effort into it.

How do you manage your time wisely during the day?

Ashlee: I try to keep a tight schedule. I start every morning by answering e-mails and phone calls before any meetings or job-site visits. I end the day the same way.

How do you promote your business?

Ashlee: We don’t do any traditional business marketing. We just do quality work and rely on referrals.

What are the most important qualities an entrepreneur should look for in a bank?

Ashlee: One-on-one, personalized customer service and the bank’s dedication to you. They should make you feel like a person and not just another number.

What do you love about banking with Hawaii National Bank?

Shelton: Hawaii National Bank always gives us that personal service, and they are right down the road from our business. They are always just a call away.

Ashlee: Hawaii National Bank has always made me feel like an important customer. They look at more than just the numbers; they look at the people behind the business as well.

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